How Our Subscription Box Works
To begin, click one of the large green "Sign Me Up" buttons to start receiving monthly boxes of great new products. Not sure you want to commit to a subscription? We get it! If you're adventure-less or don't enjoy delicious outdoor edibles, feel free to cancel or pause at any time! 
Each month, around the 20th, we pack and ship you a box of our favorite snacks, meals, and bars. Each box is a well balanced energy program containing one breakfast, one meal, and plenty of snacks, bars, and gels to test out on your next adventures that month. 
Once you receive your box you are welcome to mow down or save it for your next adventure. What ever you decide, we would love to hear what you think of the products and your experience. Whether delicious, or taste more like fine aged dirt... We want your review!  

  I'm Cody Rich, host of The Rich Outdoors podcast. I spend a ton of time in the outdoors always chasing my next adventure. The idea for Backcountry Fuel came from my own desire to have a subscription box service that would send me the newest, most delicious products on the market. Everything from energy bars, lightweight meals, and all the snacks in between. In turn eliminating the time consuming task of finding, ordering, and testing products... Who has the time for that? Insert Backcountry Fuel Box. We take the work off your plate by finding and curating the latest and greatest in snacks, packs, and lightweight meals shipping them right to your front door. No more last minute stops for over-priced rations, saving you both time and money on your next adventure!
Still Not Convinced ?
We want to offer the most unique and useful subscription box service on the planet. Most subscription boxes lock you in and slowly decrease the value hoping you don't notice. You should be as excited for your Backcountry fuel box than a kid on Christmas morning. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund 100% of your hard earned money!  
Don't you hate it when something seems like a great deal, you checkout then get hit with a giant handling fee? 
Yeah so do we! With Backcountry Fuel Box you only pay for the monthly products or service you get ZERO stupid shipping and handling fees tacked on at checkout!  
We understand sometimes you need to just slow... things... down... a bit. With Backcountry Fuel Box, there is no commitment whatsoever. Feel free to pause your account whenever, and as often as you need and you're free to cancel at any time. We feel flexibility is paramount to any good service and Backcountry Fuel Box delivers! 
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